essay on begging in pakistan

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Essay on begging in pakistan essay questions for the hobbit

Essay on begging in pakistan

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Many people of Pakistan facing poverty. They are living their lives below poverty line. Poverty forces thousands of people to start begging. Because, it is the easiest and cheap way of earning without any laborious activity. Street beggars begging in the name of God either in cold or in scorching heat. Generally, beggars are of two types likable bodied and disabled. The able-bodied person can earn money through hard work. The disabled one can also live in the society and earn money if their mentors guide them.

Beggars are a blot on humanity and society as well. They also involved in criminal activities and drug abuse. They also indulge in the kidnapping of children. Begging has many causes. The main cause is: it is an easy source of income, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, unawareness, lack of knowledge of religion. Beggars are brutally crippled, made lame, dumb, deaf, and blind only for the sake of earning money.

Beggars are a burden on the society. They create a poor image of needy people on us. Street begging is equal to the crime. It spreads evil thoughts and bad deeds in the society. This essay deals with the situation analysis of begging in different areas of Pakistan. I choose this topic because it is one of the growing issues giving birth to different main issues like street crime, theft, robbery, suppression of poor, violence and exploitation.

Pakistan is facing street begging at an alarming ratio. Begging is requesting for donation in a supplicating manner, also it is one of the oldest professions on earth like prostitution but other nations have taken some serious actions to reduce it whereas in Pakistan this trend of begging increasing day by day. According to research, beggary is an organized crime in Pakistan and according to contemporary estimates, there are somewhere between two and twenty-five million beggars in Pakistan.

There are number of causes of begging which indulged people to beg. Horn ad cooke analyzes the begging behavior and say that begging is an income supplement necessary for survival at some level related to the basic necessities like food or drugs. This is complex relationship between poverty, begging, homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness, unemployment and crime. Horn and cooke conclude that all these factors somehow resulted in begging so that they can generate income for survival Horn, Begging is so common is all major cities and almost found on every roundabout, pavement, in front of mosque and main roads asking for alms.

It has become profession with a larger industry. Begging is prevailing also because of our societal setup. In our society begging has traditionally been tolerated and even encouraged because that people give them money to gain religious merits and earn sawab but we have forgotten that these people are professionals and living idly is a sole purpose of their lives. Due to such trend, begging has become quite rampant because a section of people are more than happy to give money to beggars, particularly children.

This situation of them let them beg to fulfill their survival needs Murtaza, Poverty is the major cause of begging which has force hundreds of people to commit suicide, compelled women to sell out their children and forced youngsters to leave their home and start begging. According to the latest survey, large number of people living below the poverty line earning less than Rs.

They claim that they have to pay an amount to the ring leaders or police in the areas to beg. According to Pakistan law, begging can get you in jail for three years. But, that rarely happens here according to lawyers. Also Parents whose children are found begging can be arrested and put in jail for three years.

The Lahore High Court in the year gave a ruling that professional beggary should be discouraged. Beggars are mostly found in main urban cities ad main areas of these cities. They run markets of beggary in every city called mandi where they gathered around from all over the cities when there is Urs, mela like in Bari Iman, Data Darbar etc. As it is organized crime, they do deals in that mandi and assigned their tasks and areas where they beg.

Khan F. Begging culture is not as simple as it seems like, now there is a whole mafia and series of crimes is also related to it. They even deceive innocent women and rob them. Also children beggars are mostly those who were kidnapped first by this mafia, and then converted into horrific appearance or disabilities which can be convenient tool for extorting money whatever they can. Even though begging is illegal in Pakistan, according to West Pakistan Vagrancy Ordinance , but this law remains principally unforced as a massive increase in the number of beggars since past decades.

According to Child Protection and Welfare Bureau, 39, poor and neglected children have been facilitated by the Bureau in six years. No doubt the professional beggars here in Pakistan are begging with their own choice and they are the real culprits but child beggars in the city are not choosers and they beg involuntarily. This is only the amount of children in begging, other than children there are number of beggars who are mostly disabled or pretend to be disable person.

Their lives are being controlled by huge network of beggar mafia who also allots them their territory where they have to beg. They are being trained professionally and tortured inhumanly that if someone just asks about their network or masters, they get scared to death. These mafia leaders actually take oath from them to keep their name secret because majority of their heads are well known and influential persons of the society Khan, Many children run away because they witness violence in their homes.


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