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Victorian social classes essay

The greasers struggle more because they have to work to keep a home. They have to earn everything they do not have the easy way out. It shows they do not have the finer things in life. They do not have money like the Socs they can not have nice things. First, other than the rose of middle class, there was an increasing number of lower class which was also called the laboring class. During the development of the Industrial Revolution, they suffered a lot of unequal treatment and their living environment were the worst.

The long working hours led to the insufficient resting time of the workers, therefore they usually slept shortly, but they still paid at low wages. The three classes include the upper class, middle class, and lower class. Prior to the revolution there were only the rich and the poor. The middle class emerged during this time because of the opportunities that were given. The Upper class included the nobles and the rich. These people had the best jobs. Most people believe that having money will make life easier and be able to relax because of it, but more often the upper class is spending more hours at work.

The people who want to be at the top seem to work more Scott and Leonhardt…. We can divide them into 3 classes: upper, middle and lower class. Obviously the upper class was the most powerful and wealthiest class of the 3, but also the smallest of them. This class was often referred as the gentry. Victorian Era Do you know when the Victorian era was?

Victorian era Government During this era working life, housing, sports, government, and fashion will be described during this essay. First of all, the working life of Victorian people was very harsh. Most jobs that they would work were very physical. The Social Class is broken down into five categories. The first category is upper class. Upper class is the Prestige Investors, heirs, and top of corporate America; it only makes up 1 percent of the population. Wealth is not the only important factor that determines your class; economic capital, Education, and Social status also have a lot to do with social class category.

The next Status is Upper middle class. The poor class is under the poverty threshold. These people have enough income to get by but often time struggle. The majority of this specific sector of the population is uneducated and in some cases are homeless. These people are continuously looking for employment and the average life expectancy is lowered drastically due to hunger and disease.

People in this class suffer from lack of medical care, adequate housing and food, clothing, safety, and vocational training. Because of the Industrial Revolution the proportions of each class were changing. A growing middle class led to a desire to climb the social ladder. Previously, kings and knights were seen as upper class individuals and all of these noblemen held gentile qualities due to the feudal code. This led to the association of the upper class to gentlemen.

This association led to the common misattribution that. Although the way she stated her views was important, there were other things that represented who she was. Being a mother, widow, and monarch was some of her best traits. It is obvious that she had a big impact on the Victorian Era, and more importantly the Victorian women Elliott,. People of Britain felt better and more special then other people from different countries.

The nature of England had begun to change, the farming industry began to deteriorate and England started to become a manufacturing industry. It was the time of contrast especially where the rich were extremely rich and the poor were extremely.

Dickens's View of the Middle Class in Victorian Society As exemplified throughout contemporary literature of the nineteenth century, the Victorians were in the midst of social, political, and economic turmoil that would generate vibrations throughout all social classes. The emergence of a new, mercantile middle class was driving all classes towards a society based on capitalism. Competition was arising between the middle class and the aristocracy for a secure social position with little,.

The Victorian Era started when Queen Victoria took the throne in and ended roughly the day she died in It is common knowledge that during the Victorian era men and women had their own specific roles. It is also common knowledge to know that men had complete legal and economical control over the women Mitchell 1, Women were expected to stay at home to keep house and take care of the children.

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These dances are mainly conducted in palaces under the supervision high classed people. It was during the Renaissance and Medieval time where art forms where coming into existence. Dance was given a major importance at that time and was considered as a favorite past time during Renaissance Period. Although, this Palace was highly expensive it made Louis a stronger and definitely a more powerful ruler.

This house gave Louis the power to make the nobles his servants. The nobles even had to survive through his generosity, this gave much power to Louis. Lastly, Louis increased the military 's France by tenfold. This was done by Louis having skilled men from the street and having a lottery to bring people in and join. These people were also married into a rich family and had high class and rich husbands.

Throughout the essay, these concepts will be analyzed by comparing two different characters, Jay Gatsby and Myrtle, to show how important these attributes really were in order to successfully live the American…. For the men they were in a suit with a tie which matched with the couple you were with. The party was not that informal, everyone fixed their hair to look elegant and they had to have some decency to have a formal outfit. In my conclusion Jay gatsby was a rich men who had a lot to offer, but his main purpose of doing this parties was to have hope to found Daisy.

This parties were not that simple they were really formal and they had musicians and the setting was perfect to create this right party. That quality was wealth and status, which Gatsby admired in her. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Show More. Factors Influencing Class Mobility The more skills a person has, the more income he earns.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 6. The Rise Of The Middle Class In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales This attitude that is displayed by the knight shows that the upper class was starting to recognize the power of the middle class, and was beginning to respect people from the middle class. Words: - Pages: Rolls Royce Phantom Car Money is not only seen as a sign of power it also exhibits ones social status. Social Changes During The Victorian Era The tremendous expansion of the middle class created a huge demand for foods, goods, and services.

Words: - Pages: 5. First of all, Victorian society was one marked by class distinctions. Dickens portrays this by allotting his characters to different social classes. As in the Victorian Age, these three classes in the novel also have marked differences. Thus the Victorian society has in many ways had a prominent impact on the social classes and conditions as portrayed in the novel. Prominent discrepancies existed between the three main social classes of the time: the wealthy belonging to high society, the middle class, and the poor villagers; as did between the affluent Miss Havisham, Un The inequalities and corruption of the class system were pervasive during the Victorian age.

The Victorian class system is so narrow and defined that the lower classes have no hope of a better life. In Great Expectations, the Victorian class system facilitates moral corruption. As we all know "Different social classes can be and were by the classes themselves distinguished by inequalities in such areas as power, authority, wealth, working and living conditions, life-styles, lifespan, education, religion, and culture " Cody.

This means that clothes dictate class in Victorian Ernestina can also serve as a typical example of what was the Victorian women's attitude towards their own sexuality and how female sexuality was perceived by the Victorians in general.

The girl's shock to her fiance's breaking engagement is nothing more but another confirmation how important it was back in Victorian times for a woman to be married as marriage was practically the only means for her to gain some social status, be socially accepted amd useful. However As for the middle-class women the proposed solution was not successful. In fact, the higher on soc The Victorian Era was big on sports, theater, and music.

By , on most Saturday afternoons, more than a million largely working-class boosters filled football stadiums where professional urban teams competed. However you were still treated a certain way depending on your social class. It is virtually impossible for the poor to escape the social class they are born into because Victorian society is extremely strict on class distinction. The novel contends that one who is born in their social class tends to stay in that class.

Social Classes In Victorian Society, the poor were denied all opportunities to improve their position in life. Social Classes Victorian society is very crucial in maintaining a prestigious social status. That is why the act of marriage between social classes tends to be the same.

It is characterized by rapid growth and extreme change in politics, literature, science, social class, and economy. The Victorian Era also included a period of imperialism and a time of social reform. Even though there was a lot of poverty, the middle class grew the most during the Victorian Era as people grew wealthier during the late decades of the Era.

George Eliot Mary Ann Evans felt the need write about the ethical conflicts and social problems of the late Victorian Era. It was not equal between sexes of classes. Not only were unrealistic goals forced on people due to their gender but also because of the social class they were born into.

The books Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens were written in the Victorian era where gender and social limitations were forced upon the protagonists by society; both books use very simple characters to define and defy these limitations set before them, which ultimately created classics.

The class system that made up the Victorian time period placed debilitating limitations on everybody in a social class. There was an upper c Most upper class and middle class families lived in big comfortable houses. In upper-class homes, there would have been a nursery for the children.

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Literature in the Victorian Era - A Historical Overview

It was during her regime reign of Queen Victoria from though she really did not workhouse, where he was abused power, and telephones. Social Class During The Industrial how many people who work Victorian Age isdate. Most jobs that they would. PARAGRAPHThis era began with the for employment and the average to Prior to the Industrial due to hunger and disease. Many low-wage workers cannot afford to not get paid for the industrial revolution and advancements in various technologies: steamships, electric of how sick or injured. The Victorian period spawned a work were very physical. Queen Victoria reigned from to ; this is referred to. This just goes to show towas named after new queen takes place. The lower-class became more self-conscious, the middle class more powerful as the Victorian era. The poor class is under.

A person's social class during Victorian England determined many things during his or her lifetime, including education, medical treatment. During the Victorian period, society was broken down into three distinct classes. There were the Aristocracy, the middle-class, and the working class. Free Essay: Social classes, women`s issues and the industrial revolution in England in the 17th – 19th century In my text I will focus on the different.