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Spanish essay competition 2013 essays about censorship in movies

Spanish essay competition 2013

The competition is free to enter and in over 1, young writers, from schools, in 38 countries across the Commonwealth received an award for their entry. Moreover, half of the population of the Commonwealth is aged 25 or under. The Essay Competition celebrates and nurtures the creative talents of the young people that make up this unique association. Entrants are judged in two age groups, Junior under 14 years and Senior years and must be living in, or a national of, a Commonwealth country.

Prizes include Certificates — resources for your school — flights to London — being invited to meet famous authors — taking part in expert workshops — work experience at international organisations — entries featured in worldwide media. Tell us about a moment of opportunity which changed the life of your family, community, country, continent or the entire planet. Senior Category — Born between 2nd May and 1st May A funding agency has asked you to make a pitch for an idea involving schools that would benefit your community.

Rules 1 The Competition is open to nationals or residents of all Commonwealth countries and territories. All essays must be in English and submitted alongside an entry form, which can be downloaded from the Royal Commonwealth Society website. Entrants are encouraged to be creative in their response; answers can be submitted in a number of formats, for example: poem, letter, article, story or essay — the choice is yours!

E: [email protected] W: www. For more details download the Commonwealth Essay Competition leaflet here. To download the Commonwealth Essay Competition poster click here. You can submit your Essay Now. For more information email [email protected]. Where can i get the leaflet… the above link is not accessible.. Aditi: Apologies for the inconvenience…the problem was with the link but it has been fixed now.

Areeb: The maximum word-counts are words for Senior entries and words for Junior entries. Please tell me. The website suggested is showing the same things over and over again. Help, please, friends! I wants to participate in this competition. Because from this type of competition create peace and everyone want to create peace.

Tj-I have the same question in mind but i think you can cause there isnt any rule which states that you cant. Initially, I was unconvinced. Nevertheless, they decided that I was ready and signed me up for piano lessons.

After a hectic week of academic and extracurricular activities, the Friday afternoon piano class seemed an inescapable torture. At 5pm sharp, the battle began. By approaching the hard work with a desire to improve, I threw myself into the arpeggios and scales until I completed my first piece. Moving from Colombia to New York City in was also a battle. After arriving in New York City, an amazing public transportation system took me to school. I received a free newspaper, the Metro News, but could not understand much of the text.

What train was I supposed to take? Was I going uptown or downtown? I took the wrong train, but I did not panic-- instead, I looked at a map and asked calmly for directions. After finding my way to school, I was the first girl to arrive. With some time to relax before first period, I entered the cafeteria and noticed a derelict and dust-covered piano. As I opened the lid and played one of my favorite Colombian songs, several girls entered the room yet I was unaware that they were behind me.

They awaited the conclusion of the piece and then stated to clap. I was stunned to discover girls, who just were like me, eager to learn about different cultures and meet new people. Moreover, in only a couple of weeks, I became an expert at navigating the subway system to the point that I was also giving directions to newcomers who felt lost on their few first days in the city.

Soon, I will advance my piano playing to a more demanding composition. Instead, commitment and taking diligent actions are the elements that drive me to a day-to-day success. I was later corrected that it should be said, "May I please have a bottle of water? But I would not refer to it as a shock, but a lesson which I was never taught and was still in the process of learning.

Deciding to visit London for 3 years to study was never easy, as I am the only child of my parents. It was shocking for both me and my parents when we found out that my visa was granted. It was only then we realized that we are going to be far from each other for a long time. In spite of the depression and stress we had to call for a decision and going abroad had the highest vote.

I started to learn lessons from the very beginning, when boarding the flight as I never travelled by plane before. It was overwhelming and I had a mixed feeling of immense joy and utter sadness. I was confused what to feel and what not to. In the end I just let my brain decide by itself, I was feeling too tired to decide. I would not say I had the worst time of my life when I was travelling but it was not the best either. It took me 15 minutes to buckle my seat belt and the hostess was frustrated as she was training me through it.

It made me think of myself as being from the prehistoric age and behaving similar to a cave man. Somehow I managed to do it, but I was pretty sure, I did not do it right and did not want to bother the hostess anymore. I assumed she'd had enough for a day.

As soon as I landed in Heathrow and was out on the streets, I felt that I was nowhere in this world. I had no one whom I knew; I felt like a complete alien and almost booked the next flight back to Bangladesh. But this time, I did not let my brain decide by itself, I was the one who was in control. I took a deep breath and whispered to myself, "Embrace me, Oh London!

That was it, the motivation took 3 long years to fade. I completed my studies, made tons of friends and above all, I learned. I learned how to speak and what not to speak. I learned only a simple smile would say a thousand words. I learned how to make friends and not hurt people. I learned how things work and how things need to be done. I learn not only how to program software but also how to program my life so that it is free of any calamities.

I strongly agree to the fact that going abroad was one of the best decisions of my life and taught me many lessons throughout every step. My educational year as an international student in USA started out very odd. I arrived at my school late in the night and tried to check in, however, the room I was supposed to move into was still occupied. Moreover, the room was not just merely occupied but it had so many clothes on the floor that I thought some sort of kid who likes playing in pillow castles stayed there.

Luckily after four times, I finally understood the security guard whose accent was hard for me to pick up, that I can stay the night in the other empty room. Being tired after the flight I just fell on the bed and didn't care much about the person next door who was playing loud music. Only in the morning when things cleared up I beheld that things are not too bad.

The campus was small and cozy. Students walking around seemed nice, especially the girls. The first person I happened to talk to was a track guy from Jamaica. We had a longest conversation with the word used most being "what? Both of us had accents and we had a hard time trying to understand what we were talking about. Maybe for a while someone third in our conversation would think that we were deaf. It was funny how a third guy later joined our conversation and did translations for each of us.

It was a guy from Kenya who said: "Guys, we all speak English but for some reason I am being translator to both of you, maybe you should pay me for that. It took me a month to first, understand the Jamaican accent and second, to imitate it.

Now I can speak somewhat with a Jamaican accent and pretend to be from Jamaica. Another really hard accent for me to understand was the African American accent. There were some guys on campus who were talking too fast and speaking in an African American accent with words that I'd never heard.

Like when someone called my style Swaggy I thought they are trying to make fun of my clothes or the other time when someone called me a homeboy, I thought it was an insult. Many words were new to me and some regular words would have weird meanings. I had so many questions for my local friends about phrases and new words I heard.

Sometimes my friends would laugh and sometimes they would explain in a very serious way. I think so far I've learned most spoken African American dialect words but there are still a horizon of words and accent use that I have to discover for myself. To my amusement, I have a better understanding of Spanish speakers. Even if they lack some vocabulary in English, their accent is easier for me to understand. I almost have "no hay problema" with understanding Spanish-English.

Good for me, all my teachers had distinct American English accents that I understood with ease. I found it so exciting that I could learn English in couple accents and use it. I found that in every social group the accent I spoke made people more friendly to me.

For instance I was trying to speak in an American English accent when talking to my professors and tried using an African American accent when I talked to my African American friends. I enjoy being able to sound like them. I feel like I am learning more than a language, I am learning a culture in every accent.

Of course it was hard in the beginning and annoying that I couldn't hear people because of accents, but now when I am use them, I feel like I can express my ideas in at least 3 ways in the same English language. While the crew recites instructions before take-off, the passengers recite their own instructions—a promise to the people they are leaving or are returning to.

The roar of the engine echoes the roar of my heart, a stifled scream filled with anticipation and a sense of longing. Time seem to pass slowly until the packing begins, when I have to decide which shoes to bring, which pair of boots to leave behind and whether I would need my shades. All this packing takes some good amount of time but the things I want most are the things I cannot bring.

Packing brings out the best and worst in people. The worst are the hoarders and unfortunately, I am a hoarder. The undying struggle to decide what to bring and what to leave has made me reflect on the people closest to me. Have I been a good daughter? Will Mum be sad? Who is going to bake cookies and wait for Santa for me?

All these personal questions hit me when packing and I choke back a tear. Packing involves organizing and digging for that necklace that seems to go missing whenever I want to wear it. Sometimes I feel like even my clothes are hiding from me, pulling me back to stay home. A few months ago, going away seemed all exciting and nothing more.

But emotions hit me most while packing. So I leave some of me behind, and arranged my books like how I left them the day before, for some things should change and some should be left the way it was. I vaguely remember I was supposed to count what items to bring but organizing what to bring suddenly morphed into counting blessings and priorities.

Should I bring that watch? Yes, it was my graduation gift.


Tell us about yourself. Your essay should be set in the cultural context of this period. I was inspired firstly by the sheer beauty of the Diego Rivera painting I had to write about and secondly by the social criticism evident in the piece.

I felt compelled to explore the injustice faced by the poor in Mexico in the early s through writing from the viewpoint of a flower seller. It did push me out of my comfort zone as I have never written a short story in Spanish before. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the process very much, especially learning about the rich history and art of Mexico. Thank you to the Spanish Department for teaching and supporting me over the years.

Undergraduate Prizes: This year there were two Undergraduate Awardees. The Soviet show trial as export: justice and legal culture in the Spanish Civil War. Archaeology and Memory of the Spanish Civil War. Zaragoza, Ciudad de Retaguardia Fighting For What? Anna Kathryn Kendrick Harvard University. Lynn Cartwright-Punnett Wesleyan University. Part I and Part II. Spain Is Us. ALBA Logo. Watt Essay Contest.

George Watt Prize, Submissions should be emailed as an attachment to dmeaney alba-valb. Premio de Grado.

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Spanish essay competition JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address. An essay based on original research should add. Just get writing! Run by the Royal Commonwealth Society since , the Commonwealth Essay Competition is the world's oldest and largest schools. Spanish Essay Prize for Ananya Schools´ Modern Languages Association) Original Writing Competition; she has received a £50 iTunes voucher as a prize.