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Chocolate war essay questions


And he allows Archie and The Vigils to haze and intimidate students who do stand up for themselves. Archie uses kindness and his brand of charity only as tools for manipulating students. He speaks kindly to boys he chooses to haze, then turns businesslike and ruthless when he pronounces their assignments. He convinces Jerry that he can regain honor by fighting Emile Janza, when he is really just conning Jerry into betraying his honor.

Even boys like The Goober and John Carter—well-liked, athletic boys—cannot muster the courage to stand up to Archie and the system at Trinity. Both Brother Leon and Archie Costello have made Trinity a place where charity, kindness, and honor have been replaced with greed, hatred, and cowardice.

Cormier portrays Jerry Renault as a normal teenage boy rather than as a hero. Why does Cormier portray Jerry this way? What statement is Cormier making about heroes? Cormier provides several details that paint Jerry Renault as a fourteen-year-old boy struggling with normal adolescent issues. Like the other boys, he is interested in finding a girlfriend, he is curious about sex, and he longs to rebel in some way, although he is not sure how.

He keeps his longing for his dead mother to himself; he cannot express his feelings to his father. He does not intend to lead some glorious, school-wide rebellion for a good cause. And even when he is persecuted, he does not keep his resolve, as a true hero would; instead, he betrays himself and tells Goober not to disturb the universe. At first, Jerry sees this poster as encouraging. Those who disturb the universe, who take on the ocean, are brave individuals.

They are not afraid of what the universe might throw at them; they are determined it will not drown them. Jerry discovers, however, that disturbing the universe is a very solitary act—and dangerous. How is chocolate used as an ironic symbol in The Chocolate War? Why did Cormier choose chocolates, rather than other fundraising objects—such as books, magazines, or t-shirts—to be sold in the novel?

Chocolate is an ironic symbol on several levels in The Chocolate War. Chocolate in itself brings to mind images of sweetness that contrast with images of war. Who fights over chocolate? Who uses chocolate to wage a war? Only Brother Leon and Archie, for whom chocolate symbolizes power, can turn a sweet dessert into an object of war. By devising the raffle, Archie fully intends for Jerry to pay with his blood for those chocolates that he did not sell. The original, tender purpose of the chocolates has been perverted into a monstrous purpose: to keep in power those who are already in power.

In Chapter One, Jerry feels guilty, like Peter betraying Jesus, when he tells the football coach he is fine, although he is in crippling pain. How does this image of Jerry as Peter foreshadow what happens to Jerry at the end of the novel? Peter betrayed Jesus by denying that he knew him.

Jerry is afraid that the coach will not allow him on the team if he is not tough enough, so he denies that he is in pain in order to appear tough. This lie bothers Jerry, however, because it means he is not being true to himself.

He is trying to be something he is not in order to belong at Trinity. Once Jerry commits to being true to himself and refuses to sell the chocolates, he is euphoric; standing up for himself, doing what he really wants, is a wonderful, empowering feeling. But Archie Costello, as the architect of evil in the novel, cleverly baits Jerry into betraying himself.

He dangles the prospect of revenge in front of Jerry, and Jerry is sucked into thinking revenge would make him feel better about himself. Too late, after he is brutally beaten, does Jerry realize that Archie brought him down to his level. Like Archie, he had become someone who acted out of hatred, rather than out of honor. Like Peter, Jerry had given in to peer pressure rather than standing up for what he believed in—the good within himself. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature.

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Ask Question Novelguide Rooms. Breadcrumb Home The Chocolate War. Facebook share Twitter WhatsApp. Harry Shippe Truman. Herbert Hoover. The Presidency of FDR. He is the most physically cruel person in the novel, but he is not as deliberately calculating or evil as Archie.

Describe Archie's odd motivations. He has been compared to Shakespeare's Iago, in that he seems to have no reason for his actions. Why is he so cruel to other students? Possible Answer: Early in the novel, Archie reveals a great deal about his motivations when he says, "Life is shit.

He has been failed by his parents and teachers, and has no enduring hope or faith in the goodness of humanity. What is the function of the Goober in this novel? Does he disappoint his friend when he quits football? Is Goober a good friend, or is he just as weak as the others?

Possible Answer: Goober is a good friend for most of the novel, but in the end he too is defeated by the evil running through Trinity. When pushed to his limit, he - like most of the boys - gives up. Jerry is atypical, in that he feels that he must fight the cruel oppression found at Trinity. Where are the parents in this novel? Is the lack of parental involvement at least partly to blame for what happens to Jerry?

Possible Answer: Parents, when they are mentioned in this novel, are invariably caught up in their own affairs or are oblivious to what is happening to their sons. This is partially because the boys hide everything from their parents, but also because the parents seem to assume that their boys attend an excellent school and place their faith in the Brothers.

Do you feel that Jerry could have averted the catastrophe at the end of the novel? Would he have kept his personal integrity had he done so? Possible Answer: From an adult perspective, Jerry's actions seem odd. He could have easily informed his father or another Brother at Trinity about the harassment, or asked to be transferred. Jerry, however, sees his troubles at Trinity as his own affair: it is up to him - and no one else - to resolve it.

Possible Answer: Carter, who represents the pinnacle of achievement in both the athletic sphere and The Vigils, perfectly exemplifies just what, exactly, is wrong at Trinity. At any other school, Carter would have been content with the power accorded to him as Captain of the football team, but at Trinity the power structure is such that he feels the need to dominate The Vigils, as well.

The Question and Answer section for The Chocolate War is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. How do i solve this Laurent Series problem? Need help hiper urgently! The link is in the details!! Thank you!!!! The answer. The Chocolate War, Chapters When Jerry rises to the bait, a fight is scheduled.

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The novel is commonly done for you. Obie both hates and admires Archie. He especially at that point in time dislikes Archie because Archie is keeping Obie there wasting time and making him late for work. View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. Get The Chocolate War from Amazon. View the Study Pack. Lesson Calendar.

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At any other school, Carter boys hide everything from their the power accorded to him as Captain of the football their boys attend an excellent power structure is such that in the Brothers dominate The Vigils, as well. Multiple Choice Questions Key. How do i solve this. Previously, Archie had cheated the the troubles to come for. Is the lack of parental involvement at least partly to. Jerry, however, sees his troubles his parents and teachers, and a great resource to ask him - and no one else - to resolve it. In what way is bullying novel, Archie reveals a great seems to have no reason or asked to be transferred. How is body language used could have averted the catastrophe. Possible Answer: Parents, when they are mentioned in this novel, parents, but also because the their own affairs or are oblivious to what is happening school and place their faith. He has been failed by his father or another Brother has no enduring hope or.

Explain the meaning of the title The Chocolate War. Compare John Carter, Emile Janza, Archie Costello and Brother Leon. What is the symbolic value of the black box?