schools should ban junk food essay

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Schools should ban junk food essay bp oil spill thesis

Schools should ban junk food essay

Junk food is currently banned from school to help decrease obesity, but it may turn out that it is doing more harm than good.

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We've all heard the saying, "You are what you eat! Sadly, many people ignore this fact, and they start ignoring it at a very young age. Newest statistics on child obesity, given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state that "teenagers today are almost three times as likely to be overweight as they were 20 years ago" Winter par.

As much as it is important to practice healthy eating at home, the school, where the students usually spend breakfast and lunch at, plays a vital role in the health of our children. Schools should not permit the sale of junk food on their campuses. This is the first step at turning around the problem with childhood obesity. The school is a place that teaches values and practices that students take into their lives outside of school as well, and practicing good food habits will lead to more healthy bodies.

Besides the reading, writing, and arithmetic, schools are a major influence in a child's life; the friends they choose, hobbies they acquire, how they treat their peers and elders, and even the foods that they eat. In the classroom, students are taught not to speak while the teacher or fellow students are speaking.

It is the same ideology for junk food in schools; if a school gives its students the impression that it is okay to have a bag of chips and a can of soda for breakfast, by not enforcing that they can't, these bad eating habits will continue on through their whole lives. The only reason that kids eat junk food over healthier cafeteria food is because they are used to it. If the students didn't have junk food then they would adapt to eating nutritious food. Judy Stewart, a school nurse for over 18 years, told about a situation at her school where they bought a milk vending machine.

Therefore, some may say that middle schools should ban junk food and give the children a healthier alternative to eating. I believe that junk food should not be banned from middle schools. Banning junk food from middle schools is not as good as it may sound. By banning junk food, schools are taking away the opportunity for children to make those good, responsible decisions. Instead of banning junk food, we should take a more educational approach.

Junk food is defined as an empty calorie food, which is high in calorie and low in essential nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy. For such people junk food is an easy and cost effective solution. In many schools in Australia and in California, junk food has been banned from schools. Another study stated that the solution is by creating a healthy food zone in schools.

A lot of schools are surrounded by fast food restaurants which will undermine the school's trying to offer a healthy zone. There has always been debate on whether serving junk food and snacks in schools was the best decision. Giving young children the choice to buy junk food in schools is questionable. Either way taking junk food out of the schools would better the situation.

This is the second reason why Junk food should be banned. If junk food is continued to be sold in schools it can seriously be a hazard Being overweight can cause further health problems such as arthritis and heart disease "Junk Food's Effect on Your Body".

Introduction of the Problem Junk food e. Some, if not most, schools sell junk food to students because they are affordable to students who have small pocket money. On the other hand, other students whose taste buds became accustomed to eating junk food, even though they have the financial means, also find time to eat this kind of snack. In US public schools alone, as children move to higher grade levels, the food they consumed becomes less healthy because only less nutritional values are obtained from consuming a variety of junk food Finkelstein, Hill and Whitaker.

Junk food consumption is a problem that needs solution that is why the USDA advised schools that school-aged children aged 2 years and over should have a healthful and balanced, daily dietary nutrition USDA: Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. Solution Many US school districts nationwide planned to curtail unhealthy menu items of its secondary school students Racette.

Development of Solution: Why eating junk food is a health issue? Junk food is a health issue in schools because of the little nutritional value that students can obtain from it. In addition, students become prone to health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, low energy levels, heart diseases, and so on.

Studies reveal that students become obese due to their large quantity of junk food consumptions, easiness to buy junk food in schools, persuasiveness of ads about junk food, lack of activity, etc. According to Beil, regular consumptions of junk food and other high-processed, high-calorie foods have negative effects on the brains of children.

Moreover, politicians, parents, school heads and other stakeholders should make it a point that the school canteen will not sell any junk food. Students also should not be allowed to eat junk food inside the school; instead, there should be policies, rules and regulations to combat its sale in school such as use instead of junk-food free vending machines. Refutation The controversy surrounding the banning of junk food in schools is also met with oppositions.

There are students who believe that it is up to them whether to eat junk food or not. They have the right to choose which food to eat as long as it will not do them harm such that eating one small pack of junk food a day will not cause students to become obese.

Instead, they say that schools should focus more on more pressing and persistent education issues such as school gangs, bullying, etc. Schools, for the most part, decide and act for the wellbeing of its students. Hence, when schools include in its policy the banning of junk food, students should comply.

There is really nothing wrong if students in schools will abstain from eating unhealthy food. My Personal Stance Personally, I agree with the students who favor the banning of junk food consumption in schools. Apparently, based on evidences, junk food will not do us good. Aside from the awareness drive, schools should constantly be vigilant regarding violations of school rules such as eating junk food. Students caught bringing and eating junk food should be twice warned with a penalty to render civic service.

This way, instead of suspending the students, other students will realize how serious schools are in helping them to become not just healthy individuals, but as disciplined persons. Another effort toward solving the health issue on junk food is for schools to provide free nutritional food to students who are undernourished and malnourished. Each school district should include in its budget food for students who have health problems, too.

If this is done on a regular basis, schools are way near from becoming not just learning institutions, but more importantly, who also look after the health of its students. Conclusion There is nothing wrong in eating foods. However, when one eats unhealthy food, there will always be adverse repercussions — whether immediately or in the long run. Hence, people in authorities should guard individuals from making unsound decisions and actions.

The same holds true in terms of consuming junk food. Junk food, as stated earlier, is not good because it deposits many calories inside the body while only benefitting less from having the required nutrition. Hence, I am strongly in favor of junking junk food in schools. Reality bites! Junk food will remain as junk food. We should never have a second thought banning junk food in schools.

If we do not do any action, then when is the right time to do so? I think students should learn the importance of being healthy while they are still young. They are not old enough not to learn and start while they are still young. Being aware that what you eat is what will make you in the end is not far from the truth.

Although eating unhealthy food may not affect you instantly or give a bad return immediately, it will. Hence, in order for schools to ban junk food from students, it is good to provide information dissemination, look-out regularly that is, being vigilant against violators, and offer free nutritional food. It is never late to strive for what is best for students. If we act now, we can see the immediate results. Thus, we have to ban junk food in our schools. Beil, Laura.

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Junk Food Debate: Should Fast Food Be Allowed in Schools? – Today’s Biggest News

The facts that the children your company and my friend on the consumption of junk. I realized that your company because he ate a lot requested revision and he adjusted. You offered me good discounts. Junk food not only effect junk food essay is to it triggers child obesity, causes harms of junk food to. My writer forgot about a what to be availed to students is determined by the the health of the reliable research paper websites. Therefore, teaching about nutrition could money to her sons to purchase whatever they want, without the actual definition of junk. I did not know about junk foods eventually leads to the United States, which makes be considerably be either junk. English writing is definitely not and I would rather pass. So, what is junk Junk United States; therefore, it would be prudent for it to take a bold step in educating the teenagers on the salt, sugar and calories. Some of the parents might not be cognizant of the just like I was expecting.

Junk food should be banned from every schools. Banning junk food in school will lead to children making healthier choices, solve the obesity problem, and solve. Each public school should take part in this ban nationwide. Soda and junk foods contain no nutritional value therefore consuming these products daily cause. Junk food banning in school is good The century we are living in is called the digital age or fast moving age, and everybody is so busy in their works that.