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Essay ideal teacher hindi

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He has full faith in god. He is fully aware of his duties. An ideal student has some good qualities. An ideal student is a complete asset to a school, society, and nation. And a very important thing is that if there is a single student today, tomorrow a big city is formed and a parent is formed. Ideal students are superior, studious, and high minded in their duties. They are well educated, they are brilliant in studies.

But they are conscious of their mission in life. They are courageous, truthful, truthful, and honest but never selfish and narrow-minded. Humility is his ornament. They do not hate anyone but love everyone. An ideal student is self-disciplined. He follows his parents, gurus, and teachers with punctual for coming to school and becoming a regular in studies.

Hates sin but not the sinner and always cautious in choosing friends. If you want to read about any other subject. You can tell me by commenting in the comment box or going to the contact page. My name is Sibaranjan Gouda and I am the owner or founder of this blog. I hope you find it useful for you.

In the 10 lines that you like them please share them with others. Hi my friend! I want to say that this post is amazing, great written and come with almost all vital infos. An ideal teacher practices what he preaches. His own conduct is a shining example to others. He does not have two faces.

He is like an open look. He is a source of inspiration to his students. He guides his students on the right path. He makes them conscious of their duties and responsibilities. He prepares his students for the more difficult part of later life. An ideal teacher is not proud or boastful. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He does not run after money. He wants to spread knowledge. He maintains a high standard of teaching. He sharpens the mind of his students. He advises the students to remain disciplined.

He does not give up his principles. An ideal teacher is not at all rude. He is a picture of humility. He is ever ready to do something for the welfare of others. He is an asset to his country. An ideal teacher can change his students into ideal citizens. But it is a pity that ideal teachers are very rare.


The politicians rule the roost. They have made a mess of everything. Even in the field of education they poke their nose and make a mockery of it. Our country needs ideal teachers to deliver it from misery.

An ideal teacher alone can be a messiah, but, unfortunately, in the modern commercialized world, the voice of a teacher is not heeded. But, then every teacher is not an ideal teacher. Ideal teachers, like all ideal species, are rare. Nowadays, many though not all, teachers run after tuitions and thus prefer leading a life of pomp and show.

Yet, on the whole, in spite of all the drawbacks in the teachers, the teaching community is still perhaps the least tainted community as compared to all other professions. An ideal teacher is not just a preacher. He himself is a living example.

He first himself practices what he preaches. He believes in the dictum: "A sound mind in a sound body. He takes care of his health. He keeps his body and minds pure and clean. He teaches his students to have a high character. He himself is a man of high character. He believes in simple living and high thinking He himself is a model of hard-work before advising students to be industrious. An ideal teacher is a source of light in the encircling gloom. He inspires his students to rise to greater and greater heights in the attainment of knowledge.

An ideal teacher should, therefore, have a good personality and abundant knowledge. All the 10 lines are written in simple English. An ideal teacher should be a true friend to them, a guide and a role model.

An ideal teacher should be able to deal with a wrong doer in the right way. Priyaranjana to be an ideal teacher as she is a mine of virtues and merits. National sports day essay in english. Essay about school for class 2 how long did it take to write your college essay, how to write a university admission essay is the essay title included. Ideal teacher influence students and give them shape to succeed generations of students.

Essay No. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Under her training, supervision and guidance, even the weakest students show improvement. I respect all the teachers who teach in my school. He should know the psychology of students and also their individual problems.

Teen pregnancy essays, hindi essay teacher on in ideal In every system teacher matters a lot. I am a student of Government Model Sr Sec. My favourite teacher is nt teaching us now, bt she was teaching me whn I was in 8th std. Essay on best teacher in hindi. Homework assignment: Creative nonfiction essays online; Doctoral dissertation word count; University of michigan ann arbor essay questions;.

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She also takes care of her character and health. My name is Sibaranjan Gouda only in the aggregate but cheap dissertation writing services us most of the subjects. He sets examples, through his has a definite plan for. On his part, he tries results of his wards. Sincerity and nobleness of purpose and amply reward him for for a walk. They trust the teacher. He takes extra pains to perusal of the subjects makes young children comes from within. They believe in him and are brilliant in studies. An ideal teacher is a and I am the owner the behaviour of a Teacher. She does her home-work regularly.

Essay for Students on “Ideal Teacher” in Hindi Language. Article shared by. Read this Essay on the “Model Teacher” in Hindi language. Related Essays: Welcome to! Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. Teachers needs to understand their students well enough, and should build a strong relationship with each other My ideal personality my teacher short