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Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Uncategorized Do my professional scholarship essay on presidential elections By May 19, No Comments. Do my professional scholarship essay on presidential elections Elections as a decision-making process have their roots in ancient Greece and Rome and used to serve as the main mechanism for choice of Emperors and other important figures in the history. Though writing an essay for a scholarship application can be a daunting task, think of it as an opportunity to showcase your abilities and talents to the scholarship committee.

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Examples of uc college application essays

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Let your kindness, humor, talent, and creativity shine, but also make sure each of your four essays is substantive. As you figure out your strategy for responding to the UC Personal Insight questions , keep in mind that it's not just the individual essays that matter, but also the full portrait of yourself that you create through the combination of all four essays.

Ideally, each essay should present a different dimension of your personality, interests, and talents so that the admissions folks get to know you as a three-dimensional individual who has a lot to contribute to the campus community. For one of her Personal Insight essays, Angie responded to question 2: Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few.

Describe how you express your creative side. Angie's essay comes in at words, a little below the word limit. The essay does a good job showing the reader a dimension of Angie that probably isn't apparent anywhere else in her application. Her love of creating cartoons wouldn't appear in her academic record or list of extracurricular activities.

Thus, it's a good choice for one of her Personal Insight essays after all, it's providing new insight into her person. We learn that Angie isn't just a good student who is involved in some school activities. She also has a hobby she is passionate about. Crucially, Angie explains why cartooning is important to her. The tone of Angie's essay is also a plus. She has not written a typical "look how great I am" essay.

Instead, Angie clearly tells us that her artistic skills are rather weak. Her honesty is refreshing, and at the same time, the essay does convey much to admire about Angie: she is funny, self-deprecating, and caring. This latter point, in fact, is the true strength of the essay.

By explaining that she enjoys this hobby because of the happiness it brings other people, Angie comes across as someone who is genuine, considerate, and kind. Overall, the essay is quite strong. It is clearly written, uses an engaging style , and is free of any major grammatical errors. It presents a dimension of Angie's character that should appeal to the admissions staff who read her essay. If there is one weakness, it would be that the third paragraph focuses on Angie's early childhood.

Colleges are much more interested in what you have done in recent years than your activities as a child. That said, the childhood information connects to Angie's current interests in clear, relevant ways, so it does not detract too much from the overall essay. For one of his University of California Personal Insight essays, Terrance responded to option 6: Describe your favorite academic subject and explain how it has influenced you.

Like Angie's essay, Terrance's essay comes in at a little over words. This length is perfectly appropriate assuming all of the words add substance to the narrative. When it comes to the features of a good application essay , Terrance does well and avoids common pitfalls. I swallowed my ego, knowing there was really one choice, and replied:. For months, I had rejected the support of my officers. I struggled to accept help because it meant relinquishing control, so I surrendered to self-isolation in belief that it was the easiest way out.

This exchange marked a pivotal transformation in my leadership. From it, I discovered the true responsibilities of a leader—not to figure out every detail of an event, but to delegate tasks and guide officers in the process.

I found purpose, existing to foster leadership within others and oversee the execution of an event. I formed various committees, appointed heads, and enforced a timeline that also listed responsibilities. We were brought together—officers would tackle increasingly difficult tasks, and I would provide the resources: leadership advice, budgeting information, letterheads to request donations.

Shipped away from the faraway land of [state name], I moved to India in 8th grade. My parents wanted me to be more globally exposed, but what would I gain from moving 8,miles away, anyways? To engage me in the community, my mom took me to visit the outskirts of Hyderabad where we happened upon a rusty house, home to 35 orphaned children.

We began conversing with their only caretaker and learned the children had never seen life outside these 4 broken walls; additionally, each kid had built their own emotional wall, created from trauma from being abandoned by their parents. From behind the caretaker, I saw vivid brown eyes stare at me, eyes belonging to a little girl who was taking solace, hiding.

Over the next few days, [name] occupied my mind. How could I help? Eventually, I came up with the idea for [organization name], an organization that would help those kids by raising funds from students at my high school.

Breaking through their emotional walls became my goal. For a year, I visited the kids daily. With every dance class and tutoring session, I sensed their walls slowly crumbling. One morning, she smiled meekly, ushering me into her room, where she showed me her beloved doll. As a leader, I learned that bestowing hope onto others can show them that making a difference stems from within.

A year later, I waved bye to the motivated children as I moved back to the States. Shoes stomping on concrete in an awkward rhythm and sweat dripping from my jaw, I labored across the finish line. I stood tall, sticking my chest out only to realize that I was the last finisher.

Just as men drive Ferraris to flaunt their power, being the fastest runner in middle school meant respect from boys and giggles from girls. Belly jiggling, I ran away from taunts being hurled in my direction. As a former player returning to serve as basketball coach 2 years later, I had a unique perspective compared to my colleagues, giving me a unique leadership advantage: unlike older coaches, I was close in age to my players, allowing me to better connect with them.

I understood that young boys thrived on competition, so I focused on team scrimmages, which encouraged my players to play fiercely against each other. While other coaches relaxed on the sidelines, I stood in the center, shouting words of encouragement. Instead of telling my players to run one measly lap, I personally led them on half-mile runs, insisting that running was important because it teaches mental perseverance alongside physical fitness.

As a leader, I practiced what I preached, doing pushups as punishment on the rare occasions I was tardy. Despite being an ambitious basketball coach, I had realistic expectations for my players. Realizing that there is much perseverance and dedication involved with basketball, I utilized the sport as a method to nurture my players into responsible young men. Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few.

Describe how you express your creative side. This UC Essay is an essay prompt that maaaany students gravitate towards. But, there are more interesting takes on this prompt. Make sure that you explain why something is creative, for you. For instance, students you can be creative doing the following:. To achieve this goal of channel expansion, I hunted for an answer to one question: what strategies did my competitors employ to gain more views and subscribers?

I spent 5 years trying to answer this question. Eventually, I realized the answer was simple: I was too hyperfocused on montage videos—compiled of the most exciting gameplay moments. Video montages were a crowded niche; competing with established channels would be quite an ambitious undertaking. Thus, I began experimenting with other types of videos, such as video game reviews, which turned out successful. Understanding which upcoming games people are excited about is critical in making game review videos.

My channel was getting bigger because audiences of gamers wanted to hear judgments on upcoming games before spending their cash. After some time, I attracted enough viewers to expand into other areas of video game-related content. My understanding now is that, in all areas of business—including programming—improving a product visually and functionally is just as vital as actually making it.

By making videos and exercising my creative side, I learned that it is only by combining the technical side of a product with a good presentation of it to consumers that true commercial success can be achieved. Art itself is a nuanced word, possessing evolving meanings throughout my life. As a boy, art meant drawing Power Rangers. Unlike other forms of communication like news articles or Twitter, there are certain liberties artists can leverage to convey their opinions because people approach artwork open mindedly.

Instead of condemning a piece as offensive, viewers often deem artwork to be insightful. Thus, through color and lines, I express my queer thoughts without fear of retribution. During the election, I created a piece depicting Hillary Clinton as power-hungry. I realized then that artwork serves as a battlefield, in which discussion is encouraged yet the original intent of the art is not criticized.

Inspired by Alan Turing, a mathematician who dedicated his life to crack the German enigma code, I wanted to portray the notion of sacrifice for the sake of a job. To convey this, I covered a mannequin face with pieces of heart playing cards and planted test tubes around its skull.

Before these 2 pieces, my primary focus of study was drawing and painting, where I valued realistically recording what I saw above all else. After making these 2 conceptual pieces, I realized my true talent lies in my thoughts. While there are many artists in the world who can draw and paint better than I, my thoughts are inimitable. What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time? UC essay 3 about greatest skill or talent is an essay examples students seem to really like.

A bag of stale bread crackled as my mom and I walked hand-in-hand to [name] lake. It was duck feeding time, marking the beginning of my Sunday ritual at age 8. She had reached the lake before we did, and stood motionless with her eyes glued to the landscape, painting. I loved observing how she observed her surroundings. Enthralled, I enrolled in art classes.

As a student fascinated by human behavior, I was drawn to sketching people in real life. For years, I took pride in my ability to accurately capture the real-life essence of my subjects. During freshman year, I was invited to study art in Manhattan. I proudly displayed my works to the Artist-in-Residence, [name]. So began the most artistically grueling 6 weeks of my life. Everyday, I reinterpreted my sketches to what I hoped was completion; everyday, [name] shook his head. However, I was getting close and developing my own sense of style.

One day, as I sat on a bench in Times Square, sketching, I noticed how hurried everyone was; I felt a sense of urgency simply by watching. Inspired, I began to capture this hurried look in my art; the end result looked rushed and, ironically, unfinished.

But, it was unfinished with a purpose: it truly captured the essence of my subjects. Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome an educational barrier you have faced. Make sure that you spend time in your essay talking about how you overcame the barrier — this is extremely important! The UC essay examples do a great job painting a picture of how students have taken advantage of educational opportunities.

My friends blast Drake in the car, heads bobbing to the rhythm as we drive to Chipotle. Sophomore year, I event created a sodium battery by transforming algae in river water for a science fair, winning me [].

Eventually, I was put in touch with a post-doctoral student on the project, leading to a summer internship where I studied liquid battery electrodes. My first day, I received a stack of Dr. Eager to prove myself, I shied away from asking for help. Eventually, my mentor called me out for hiding away in the corner. I later witnessed this collaborative nature firsthand at weekly lab meetings—debates led people to alter their investigative approaches!

I learned to ask questions, leading to opportunities where I assisted researchers to prepare for tensile tests; my constant prodding even led me to assist the analysis behind the mechanical behavior change of designer polymers behind the battery! I stared back defeatedly, unsure how to respond. Still, I refused to let this opportunity go to waste and got a part-time job at In-N-Out to financially support myself.

Knowing how desperately I needed the money, my manager often asked:. For hours upon hours, I deciphered orders into the abbreviated buttons on my screen, restocked the dining room, and diced potatoes. Customers oftentimes spoke down at me; just being there felt miserable. I wanted to break down, quit working, but continued believing that my persistence would be rewarded with the opportunity to attend COSMOS.

Therefore, I endured the stress and exhaustion. Thus, I realized: all opportunities required sacrifice, but only I determined whether or not its pursuit would be worthwhile. My time at In-N-Out cultivated not only an income, but also personal growth. Fearful of rejection and judgment, I started the job intimidated by the task of interacting with strangers. And, soon enough, our short exchanges evolved to meaningful conversations, as routine customers would share a distinct story about their family, culture, or accomplishments.

Because of this experience as an order-taker, I now embrace every opportunity to connect with people, understand their background, and broaden my perspective of the world. Kalman filtering is a secret technique that hides in plain sight. They use programming, mathematical models, and physics to make educated guesses about complex systems. Last summer, eager to take my first steps in aerospace at [company], I was given the chance to create a prototype Kalman filter to fly their satellites in space.

I had previous experience in similar work so I went straight to my mentor and told him about my aspirations to expand my horizons during the internship. It took two weeks, but we eventually convinced the Applied Math Department to give me the Kalman filter project. Completely new to this graduate-level field, I worked with fury and concentration unlike any time before. I slowly built up my project, meticulously planning a library of Java classes that could be deployed in any future Kalman filter use-case.

After another week of debugging, my colleague and I found that the algorithm was over-shooting because the covariance matrices were being updated twice. I fixed the bug and felt elated; I had created a fully functional Kalman filter!

Along the way, I took advantage of every opportunity to network, participate in professional development, and grow my understanding of large corporations. My supervisor taught me business basics, the pros and cons of company reorganization, and how contract acquisitions work. I reached out to program managers and found mentors in people that had shaped aerospace since its infancy. My 7-week [company] internship helped me grow as an individual, a computer scientist, and an entrepreneur.

February 23rd, [year]. After addressing specific problems in my school with the chairman, he offered me a position as a summer intern. As a student customer and now employee of [city], I had the power to tie my two passions of serving my community and coding together.

I eventually developed a symbiotic relationship with my coworkers, as I helped them understand their student customers while they taught me how to troubleshoot networks. In that, I realized that engineers must understand their customers inside-out to be efficient and valuable to their projects.

As I continued connecting iPads and internet-ready devices to high-speed internet, I realized that these Internet of Things IoT could bridge the human world and technology. The following weeks, I used my programming expertise to assign static IP addresses which allow schools to control the electricity remotely. However, actually applying these programming concepts to make real-life improvement—whether it be saving energy or speeding up wifi—connected the dots of humanity and the future of technology.

A crackle shook the sky as a meteorite plummeted towards Earth. Below, a tyrannosaurus-rex bellowed its final roar as the meteor engulfed the world aflame. A month ago, our world consisted of scrap cardboard and tangled wires. But with some creativity, we combined servo motors to animate the dinosaurs in their swampy habitat. By wearing Google Cardboard, visitors were teleported to the Mesozoic. Spending hours calibrating the controller, I realized the future of robotics lay in the software—automation could transcend barriers of manually-controlled robotics by self-analyzing the data, and self-correcting imperfections by learning from its own mistakes.

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Here's how we recommend planning and then executing the essays that comprise your application to the University of California. Why do UC essays. UC Personal Insight Example: What have you done to make your school or your community a better place? Within six months, four students from my school district. I'll also give you examples of how to make sure your essay fully The UC application essays are your way to give colleges a sense of your.