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Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Uncategorized Do my professional scholarship essay on presidential elections By May 19, No Comments. Do my professional scholarship essay on presidential elections Elections as a decision-making process have their roots in ancient Greece and Rome and used to serve as the main mechanism for choice of Emperors and other important figures in the history. Though writing an essay for a scholarship application can be a daunting task, think of it as an opportunity to showcase your abilities and talents to the scholarship committee.

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Op ed examples essay


You might need to offer your op-ed to multiple outlets before someone decides to publish it, and you can always tweak the op-ed to make it more news-y, tying the article to something that happened in the news that day or week. Also look for ways to improve the op-ed. Before writing, make sure to create an outline. You can always come back and make it more interesting.

Really, the most important step is having an outline. Yes, include hyperlinks in your articles to provide your readers with easy access to additional information. Yes, the Learning Agency provides editing services. Please email info the-learning-agency. We encourage you to take a look at our course, Learn Better , a research-driven set of modules that is designed to teach you how to learn.

Become a leading expert in your field! I am writing this with the hope that the leasing of the port of Haifa will not come to fruition,It will give the Chinese a strong foothold in the middle east. No longer will the United States 6th fleet have a home away from home.. I pray to G-D that those in charge will come to their senses and hopefully cancel the agreement. M A, Modiin. Write with is one of the most critical steps of the writing process and is probably relevant to the first point.

If you want to get your blood pumping and give it your best, you might want to write with passion, and give it all you got. How do you do this? Make sure that you have the right mindset whenever you are writing. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Skip to content. Visit our sister organization:. February 1, 13 Comments. Back to Insights. How To Write An Op-ed. The same formula can also be used to write almost any document that offers up an argument or gives advice. First Name. Last Name. The ABC Formula. This formula for writing op-eds is based on our experience and our op-eds that appeared in the New York Times ,the Wall Street Journal , and the Washington Post.

Op-eds are one of the most powerful tools in communications today. They can make a career. They can break a career. They began as a way for an author to present an opinion that opposed the one on the editorial board. Note that an op-ed is different than a letter to the editor, which is when someone writes a note to complain about an article, and that note is published. Think of a letter to the editor as an old, more study form of the comments section of an article.

They tend to be written by experts, observers, or someone who is passionate about a topic, and as media in general becomes more partisan, op-eds have become more and more common. The first step for writing an op-ed is be sure to: Make. Here some examples: I want to write an op-ed on the plague that are drinks that overflow with ice cubes.

This op-ed would argue that restaurants serve drinks with too many ice cubes. Superman is clearly better than Batman. In this op-ed, I would convince readers why Superman is a better superhero than Batman. My op-ed is on lowering the voting age in America. An op-ed on this topic would list reasons why Congress should pass a law to allow those who are 14 years old like me to be able to vote in elections.

However, keep in mind a few things: Blogs, op-eds and columns are short. Less than 1, words. Usually between and words. Many blogs are just a few hundred words, basically a few graphs and a pull quote often does the job. Simplicity, logic, and clarity are your best friends when it comes to writing op-eds and blogs. In other words, write like a middle schooler. Use short sentence and clear words. Paragraphs should be less than four sentences. Please take a look at Strunk and White for more information.

I used to work with John Podesta, who has written many great op-eds, and he was rumored to have given his staff a copy of Strunk and White on their first day of employment. Love yourself topic sentences. So keep in mind the following: Evidence. This might be obvious, but you need evidence to support your argument. This means data in the forms of published studies, government statistics, anything that offers cold facts.

Stories are good and can support your argument. But try and go beyond a good anecdote. Is their tone critical? Your tone largely hinges on what type of outlet you are writing for, which brings us to… Audience. Almost everything in your article — from what type of language you use to your tone — depends on your audience. The best way to familiarize yourself with your audience is to read pieces that have already been published in the outlet you are writing for, or hoping to write for.

Take note of how the author presents her argument and then adjust yours accordingly. The opening of an opinion piece should bring the reader into the article quickly. This is also sometimes referred to as the flash or the lede, and there are two types of flash introductions. They are: Option 1. Forward : This is where you wrap up your piece. It carries greater impact, though, if you can write an ending that has some oomph to it and really looks forward. So try to provide some parting thoughts and, when appropriate to the topic, draw your readers to look toward the future.

It allows you to simultaneously finalize the premise of your argument and neatly conclude your article. Part IV: Pitching. When it comes to op-eds, most outlets want to review a finished article. In other words, you write the op-ed and then shop it around to different editors.

In some cases, the outlet might want a pitch — or brief summary— of the op-ed before you write it. A few bits of advice: Newsy. Whenever possible, build off the news. People naturally are interested in reading op-eds that are linked to recent news pieces — so, an op-ed on Electoral College reform will be more relevant around election season, for instance.

I have lots to say. Can I write a 3, word op-ed? I want to tell a story. Can I do that? What should do before I hit submit? We could suggest two things: Make sure you cite all your sources. Avoid plagiarism of any kind. Check your facts. Read over each sentence—read it aloud—and ask yourself: Is this true? Can I defend every single word of it? Did I get the facts, quotes, dates and spellings exactly right?

Yes, sometimes those spellings are hard: the president of Turkmenistan is Gurbanguly Malikguliyevich Berdymukhammedov. Read it out loud. It helps me catch typos and other errors. For more on talking out loud as a tool, see this article that I pulled together some time ago.

What if no one takes my op-ed? What is the best way to start writing an op-ed? Should I hyperlink? Will you edit my op-ed? An opinion piece was traditionally published in print media opposite the editorial page hence the term "op-ed". These articles generally come from an author not affiliated with the media publisher and are used to publish an opinion that is meant to create thought and discussion among readers. Sometimes people or organizations in positions of influence, respect, social status, or expertise need assistance writing and effectively communicating their educated opinions.

Often, they turn to freelance writers for assistance. Generally, op-eds are used to reflect opinions of an author or group. They are usually longer than a regular letter to the editor , often being written by a subject matter expert or otherwise notable person with the qualifications to have an opinion or written by someone else for them.

A freelancer will sometimes be used as a ghostwriter—writing using someone else's byline. Additionally, public relations firms often write these articles, in attempts to forward an agenda. The op-ed is then published in a spot where it will be noticed, either in the traditional spot opposite the editorial in printed media, or somewhere on a website where viewers will see it.

These opinion pieces are relevant articles written to address popular or unknown issues, or in response to opinions expressed elsewhere. Often, a biographical paragraph or two accompanies the piece to lend credence to it and the author. Sometimes, a photo of the author accompanies the piece in the biography portion. If you are a freelance writer and have found a client who needs an op-ed written, there are a few key concepts you should use when submitting an opinion article.

You'll have to be clear on the opinion, know how to hook the readers, understand the audience, back up the opinion with facts, follow any formatting rules, and give the readers a call to action. The client will generally dictate the opinion for you, and give you the main points they would like to have covered.

You may have written for them for a long time and are familiar with their opinions—it still helps to be sure that you understand their goals and thoughts on the issues, as opinions and outlooks can change over time. When you are given someone else's opinion to write about, it can be difficult to agree with it. One problem ghostwriters have is not agreeing with a topic they are writing about which can cause problems writing an effective piece.

You want to assume an adopting role of the opinion until the work is finished, which can allow you to write better for the entity you are creating content for. Know what the desired effect of the op-ed is—whether it be a call to action, or a call for further thought. This will give you an idea of how you can sway or reinforce the reader's thoughts on the topic.

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This is mainly because the goal of the consumer is utility maximization whereas the role of the goal of the business is to enhance profits. Landreth and Colander confirm that Elton Mayo is the theorist who best supports this school of thought. Various principles are emphasized by the school of thought One of the most important policies is employee motivation. By accepting diversity, managers demonstrate his management skill of motivating the employees to enhance their performance.

The second principle of behavioral school of thought is leadership. This can be explained by the fact that managers can enable to adapt to internal changes swiftly. As well, the other principle of the theory is employee development. The management styled established by managers should ensure that employee development supports the people-focused strategy.

In conclusion, it is elemental to note that the economic school of thoughts may vary in one way or another. However, all these schools of thoughts such as the classical thought and the behavioral schools should be employed to enhance economic growth and development.

There are various assumptions that are made in the neoclassical school of thought. One of the major assumption is that the decisions that are made are usually rational due to the availability of completed information about the product and service. The second assumption is that customers compare the available products and services in the market with the primary objective of making effective deceived based on utility.

The third and most crucial assumption of the neoclassical economic school is that the primary objective of business is to maximize on profit making. Therefore, as the new president elect of the United States of America takes office he must ensure that the right polices are implemented to enhance economy.

Otherwise, improving US economy might be a great challenge to overcome. After developing the preferred structure for your essay, it is time to write a high-quality piece to impress readers. It might be a great idea to closely check another top op-ed essay example to learn how different components are put through.

Because an op ed essay is designed for the media, it is crucial to target a trending topic in the local, national, or global headlines. During the just-concluded presidential elections, some topics revolving around the violence on the capitol, the American voting system, and the policy shift between outgoing President Trump and incoming President Joe Biden, would have been excellent. If you read a high-rated op ed essay sample, one of the most notable things is the focus on a specific audience.

For example, local print media might be targeted at providing insights on how wearing face masks affect the spread of COVID So, it will be a great idea to try and understand the audience. As we have mentioned, op ed essays are written pieces of opinion, but they must follow the rules and guidelines of the targeted media. This means that although you might have a lengthy piece, it has to be cut to size to fit the recommended number of words for the respective media.

Other attributes include a sense of style, level, image size and font. While it is true that you are writing a personal opinion, it is paramount to ensure it is based on facts. Once you bring out key arguments, try to incorporate data and statistics to reinforce them. Go ahead and use historical facts to bolster the case. Counterarguments can also help you to sound more professional and avoid bias. After articulating all the points in your essay, you should not leave readers hanging.

Well, if you were discussing a very serious issue, be it the COVID vaccine or the danger of the latest video games, the conclusion should be used to call readers to action. For example, you can ask people to go and get the vaccine, select non-violent games, speak against school bullying, or other actions.

The following op ed essay writing tips will come in handy to help you to stay focused, sharpen your skills, and craft top-notch work. Now that we have looked at what is an op ed essay and tips for making it outstanding, what are some of the best topics to consider? Check out our top 60 op ed essay topics and pick the preferred option. You can use op ed essay ideas as they are or tweak a little to suit your preference. There is nothing as enjoyable as writing a good op ed essay about a topic that you like.

Here are some interesting op ed essay ideas to consider:. If you love the environment and conservation, here are some awesome op ed essay ideas. Education is one of the broad areas, meaning that identifying some good topics for your essay can be challenging. To help you out, here are some excellent topics suggestions.

Here are some great cultural opinion essay topics to consider for your work. Check out the leading op ed essay topics in history. If you are in nursing, medicine or psychology-related areas, here are some great easy ideas to consider:. Now that we have provided a step-by-step guide to writing quality op ed essays, can you craft one? You want to assume an adopting role of the opinion until the work is finished, which can allow you to write better for the entity you are creating content for.

Know what the desired effect of the op-ed is—whether it be a call to action, or a call for further thought. This will give you an idea of how you can sway or reinforce the reader's thoughts on the topic. Your reader is going to make a decision within the first few sentences whether or not the piece is worth reading.

It's a good idea to start by introducing the issue along with a story that personalizes it. Be brief and make sure the hook is relevant to the issue. For example, if you have witnessed a violent crime, and the op-ed supports measures to reduce crimes, you could briefly tell a story about it to make it relatable. Be familiar with the audience —think of who reads the medium the article will be published on, and who reads about the issue you're addressing.

This might assist you in making decisions about the kinds of words you use e. Avoid industry-speak and jargon to reduce topic confusion and audience limitation. Explain concepts to broaden the understanding for readers that are not industry experts.

Opinions need evidence and support. Generally, data and statistics are used to reinforce the points being made. Historical facts and figures can be used to help bolster the case being made as well. It's important to follow the style guidelines and word count given by the publication the piece is going to be published in. This reduces the amount of editing that may be needed to get the article up to par and reduces the time spent going back and forth between you, your client, and their publisher.

Don't leave your readers wondering what comes next, or what they can do about a particular issue. You should leave them with a call to action, and give them some actions they can take. For example, if the issue is supported by candidates running for office, you might tell your readers to cast their votes for the candidate in their district that reflects the opinion in the article.

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She is a freelance marketing. It's important to follow the style guidelines and word count medium the article will be piece is going to be. Op-Ed Examples, Guidelines, and More. Generally, data and statistics are. Be familiar with the audience -think of who reads the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, published on, and who reads published in. If you continue with this and communications consultant. Historical facts and figures can a call to action, and searched for a specific type. This reduces the amount of writing a op-ed piece on to get the article up to par and reduces the votes for the candidate in limits for members of Congress in both houses. This might assist you in what comes next, or what they can do about a. Opinions need evidence and support.

[Though this example is much longer than what you should aim for, it illustrates all of the crucial tips in the Top 10 Tips for Writing Op-Eds section.] By. An opinion piece was traditionally published in print media opposite the editorial page (hence the term "op-ed"). These articles generally come from an. Sample OpEd. Below is a sample article written for the Opinion/Editorial (OpEd) section of a local newspaper. Newspaper Op/Ed sections include articles.