argumentative essay on homosexuality

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Argumentative essay on homosexuality professional research proposal ghostwriter for hire for school

Argumentative essay on homosexuality


But there should not be a spiritual marriage and a sacred marriage like the one between a man and a woman. Today, in the 21st century, gay couples face marriage discrimination from religions, mostly from Christianity. Several arguments against gay marriage has risen in the recent years. The most common religious argument against same-sex marriage revolves around scripture, which many faith communities believe came directly from the mouth of God, and they interpret scripture to forbid the practice of homosexuality, and by extension, same-sex marriage Baker.

Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable New International Version Bible, Leviticus Sin is anything that separates us from God. So in light of that, homosexuals should not be banned from coming to church.

They should be accepted by Christians with the loving arms that Christ has shown us. On the other hand, the states interest in marriage is that of the legal definition. People that are against same-sex marriage and parenting fail to provide actual hard examples that lesbian and gays are harmful and sinful to outweigh the benefits of what same-sex marriage and parenting can bring. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Our world is constantly changing and people are constantly facing many new experiences.

Throughout society, there are many different people and different opinions to match. One matter that has a lot of different opinions is the matter of homosexuality. Depending on what a person believes or how accepting they are, will reflect on their opinion on this topic. With the world constantly, we have very old styles of thinking versus more modern opinions.

This essay will show the ways that homosexuals are sometimes looked down upon in society with older views and the way that the world is changing. Though the world is constantly changing and new opinions are being formed, the older and more negative opinions still stand. Often times, a homosexual person is going to be made fun of or …show more content… As seen through the statistics, those who are homosexual are put down. Another way that homosexuals are looked down upon is through the religions of Catholicism and Islam.

It is quite known that Same-sex marriage and homosexuality is not really allowed in the Catholic religion. It represents homosexuality as a person that is broken and there is no cure for what has happened to them. But currently, the Church is willing to accept those homosexuals who are willing to stay chaste and follow that part of the religion. Though the Church is accepting chaste homosexuals, they are not willing to change their opinion on same-sex marriage.

This is then implying that marriage can only happen between man and woman and not between those of the same. Get Access. Good Essays. Read More. Homosexuality In Torn Words 3 Pages. Homosexuality In Torn. It is no wonder LGBT youth turn to drugs, alcohol, and suicide. Cole claims that discrimination against LGBT youths can create repression along with a deficiency in their natural growth. Discrimination also has a social and emotional impact on them.

Instead of being social individuals, LGBT youths remain in the closet and hide. The loneliness that they bear can turn into depression which often leads to substance abuse or even suicide. LGBT youths have greater chances of alcohol and substance abuse than heterosexual youths U. Also, roughly about one third of LGBT youths have a drinking or drug problem.

Human Rights Watch interviewed some LGBT youths who say that they drink to the point of passing out or to feel good and normal p. The lack of support from parents or schools can possibly make them feel like there is no hope of ever living a happy life and being productive Human Rights Watch, , p.

It appears that the lack of support, protection, and guidance from family also has a major effect on LGBT youths. Perhaps, if their families were more supportive, the suicide and depression rates of LGBT youths would be moderately less. I believe that parents should embrace their children no matter what their sexual preference is.

For an adolescent, I think that family should be the primary source for seeking support and guidance. When parents reject their gay or lesbian adolescent, I feel that it can possibly set him or her up for failure. Therefore, parents of LGBT youths should take time to reflect on the circumstances before they make the wrong decisions. Cooper said. When [bullying] gets to the point where a kid wants to quit school and give up his future, something has to be done.

In the above case, the parent was being supportive to her gay son while the school officials were not. Like many other schools, they choose to ignore the fact that the gay student is being bullied and discriminated against. As mentioned earlier in the paper, that kind of response from schools also contributes to the effects of depression on LGBT youths.

In his article, Archer is stressing that educators must address discrimination against gay students and must put aside their personal views to create a safe environment for these students. In her article, Browman also talks about the lack of attention from school teachers and administrators toward gay discrimination and harassment. Browman acknowledges the educational effect on LGBT youths due to constant harassment in school.

A very interesting point that was made in this article is, if a student makes a racial comment in school, he or she gets punished. Are those words equal to the same level of discrimination as making a racial comment? The article continues to imply that teachers and administrators often fail to cease discrimination or harassment against LGBT youth.

They are either afraid of facing prejudice from others or perhaps even because of their own prejudice Browman, The article also suggests a way to express to all students that harassment or discrimination against LGBT students will not be tolerated. Consequences such as school conduct codes and discipline policies should be established as well as anti-harassment rules Browman, The three groups adhered in influencing the Education Department to defend and protect gay and lesbian students from discrimination.

They add that schools are making an effort to create a safe environment for all students where they can all be treated with equal respect and dignity. Accordingly, the department fights to provide the schools with information and guidance to help solve the problem of discrimination against LGBT youths Browman, Furthermore, New York City has made an attempt to come up with a solution that they thought would possibly reduce discrimination against LGBT youths by opening an all-gay school.

I see this movement as a possible increase in discrimination against LGBT youths. If they are all put together in one school, how is that helping them deal with discrimination from society, peers and others outside of the school? And how is that teaching anti-gay students not to discriminate against LGBT youths?

They are human beings just like the rest of us and they should be treated accordingly. The two primary sources that have the power and ability to diminish discrimination against LGBT youths are schools and parents. In my opinion, they are the ones who have the greatest influence on LGBT youths and in turn have the ability to reduce substance abuse, educational failure, and suicides.

Parents and schools need to realize how much they can help diminish the effects of discrimination against LGBT youths if they work together and productively. Clearly, if they remain on the same page they can ease the agony for LGBT youths and help them live a normal and happy life. One method that can be exercised in schools is a homosexual sensitivity training for anti-gay students and school officials.

The training would benefit both students and school officials. I think that it would help the school officials manage whatever prejudices they may have against LGBT youths. Since anti-gay bullying students are perhaps ignorant to the subject, schools should modify a system where all students can be educated on the subject.

It would probably help the students get a better understanding if homosexuality was compared to other subject matters such as culture and religion. Students should be provided with a full view of the subject just like any other. If this method helps only two out of ten anti-gay students cease discrimination against LGBT students, I am sure that it will make a difference.

An additional scheme that should be established is monthly meetings between school officials and parents to review the progress of measures that are already in place. Before writing this research paper, I never imagined how immensely affected LGBT youths were by discrimination. It is awful what they go through and how most people are clueless or even careless about what these youths endure. LGBT youths are faced with discrimination, torture, and sometimes even execution because of who they love, how they look, or who they are.

I believe that sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of ourselves and should never lead to discrimination or abuse. Doing this research not only made me realize the intense discrimination suffered by LGBT youths but also had an impact on me.

This research has made me want to advocate for more laws and policies to help protect LGBT youths. I have gained a ton of information and knowledge during this process. However, if my readers obtain half of the valuable information that I have obtained, I know that I have accomplished my task. Archer, J. Local schools must address safety for gays.

Education Week, 21 23 , 3. Browman, D. Report says schools often ignore harassment of gay students. Education Week, 20 39 , 5. Cole, S. Protecting our youth. Retrieved October 31, , from www. Human Rights Watch Hatred in the hallways.


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AFA calls for a boycott of Target. Being that Target serves many families it that places extensive pressure on their reputation. AFA just happens to find flaws within the proposed policy. The company will also face backlash for this policy because America might not be ready.

Despite the passing of Gay right marriage, there is and have always been controversy over that law. Policies can be passed but everyone has their own opinions. Most times when people see a tomboy, they mistake them as being gay. However, that is not the case all of the time.

The reason people assume tomboys are gay is because of their appearance. People often judge them instead of. In other words, there are long tools myths about the LGBT community. People that were afraid and unknowing decide to blea the LGBT community so that they would feel reassures that of they get rid of them then all will be well.

This took a big toll on their movement and stopped some chances that they may have hes before. They lost voters, petitioners, and now powerful officials that would have otherwise been in agreement. Same sex relationships is something that has been frowned upon and looked at as morally wrong in society for centuries.

With it having such a negative look on it many people are afraid to be open with their sexuality and are keeping it behind closed doors. Even though they say it a non tolerance act while incarcerated, many inmates often exhibit this behavior while in incarcerated.

When ruling this case i feel that each party should look at the situation and understand both sides. Because it 's all being known they think that the behavior of a person that was in the slightest bit of difference from the rest of the community with bad was not natural and so again they jumped to conclusions and immediately go after what they think would be the safest solution for them and their families.

Even just logistically going about this situation would have been a better ulterior because they didn 't consider the fact that they 've known these people. All their lives of young girls say. Even today in less dramatic and drastic ways the LGBT community are facing treatment like this since people are scared because they think they 're going to be punished because other people around them have done something that is against the rules of what they believe in and what they don 't know.

Looking at how rational fears are a cause of we can see that there is a develop pattern and primary cause of a hysteria because fear fed directing authority figures to misuse your power in fear of the unknown is exactly what comes from what builds irrational fears and we are able to see that we will believe anything when we are scared and we go for that.

Stereotypes Against Bisexuality Words 6 Pages. I could just end my post here, but you know I like to argue. And many people need me to argue about that subject, either because you also want them to be more accepted or because there are still many things you need to know before judging them. Homosexuality has been more accepted in our society during the past years, even though we still have a lot of work to do but now, bisexual people are the one that have to face many of the prejudices the gay community faced before.

The same stupid things that had been said to homosexuals: that they were disgusting, unnatural, having sex with everyone or confused about their sexuality, are now what bisexuals are hearing about them. And one of the craziest part of it is that many gays are repeating this against people …show more content… As I said before, there are now a lot of prejudices against bisexual. Being attracted by both genders sometimes, they are sometimes rejected by both straight and gay people for not being really a part of their community.

Some people do say that they are bisexual to keep hiding their homosexuality but most of them really consider themselves bisexual, which is not easier than coming out as gay. Mostly when many people consider your sexual orientation as a lie. Having a different sexual orientation makes anyone asking themselves a lot of questions and it is sure not easy to, at first, realize it yourself and then, living with the complications that comes with it.

But when you finally accept who you are, you know that it is what you have always been and want to be all your. Show More. Read More. Prostitution In John Steinbeck's East Of Eden Words 3 Pages It has become a primary focus of not only the police force but also most of the nation to put an end to it. Argumentative Essay On Homosexuality Words 4 Pages Issues like these may well be controversial, being based on an individual 's creed and principles.

One group that has historically and continuously been discriminated against is homosexuals. The question as to why homosexuality would be considered to fall under the same category as a monster could be asked. Is homosexuality frowned upon because it is an alteration in a typical, heterosexual relationship, or possibly because it may violate the beliefs of others?

Nonetheless, monsters are known to be repulsive entities that inflict havoc on individuals and society. The effect that homosexuality has on individuals. Homosexuality from a New Perspective Sexuality means many different things to different people, especially sexuality of a homosexual nature. Everyone has their own personal ideologies about sexuality, many of which have been forced on us by mainstream society's portrayal of what of is right or wrong.

Bersani's objective is to take these societal sexual idiosyncrasies and turn them upside down to reveal how he feels gay male sex should be. In Bersani's article, Is the Rectum a Grave? The aim of the present essay is to find out pros and contras for both theories: whether homosexuality is a moral or biological aspect.

One of the strongest arguments in favor of the biological base of the homosexuality is the fact that according to the statistics every group of people, irrespectively of their nationality, social conditions and other. Family values are defined as moral standards and disciplines learned by a traditional family unit. In different essays, authors Richard Rodriguez and Jamaica Kincaid talk about family values and how they shape the person, one eventually becomes.

In Rodriguez's essay, he discusses family values through the view of immigration and homosexuality. While Kincaid's essay discusses family values through her upbringing and relationship with her mother. Although those two topics may seem different they each. The issue at hand is homosexuality and the Christian church. This controversy has caused there to be a split between the church into two different beliefs, liberal and evangelical, which one is right and which and which one is wrong?

Issues such as should. Bernardo Cabrera Ken Carter AP Language and Composition 30 January Family Values Because of the opposing cultures and ideas that collide in the mind of Richard Rodriguez, his arguments tend to break boundaries of traditional philosophical writing. As a Catholic, a homosexual, a Mexican immigrant, and an intellectual, the meaning of family values can differ significantly from one aspect of his life to the next.

By gathering input from each of those sectors, Rodriguez composes an array of. Under the topic of sex ethics, the morality of homosexuality is a widely debated and controversial issue. This debate is called the traditional Christian argument.

His unique and powerful style invoked the thoughts of many people. What also made Baldwin stand out from others was his homosexuality. Baldwin wrote several essays and novels that had a homosexual theme rooted within the story. It was through this method that Baldwin was able to express his homosexuality and at the same time present a view of black culture that was highly unacceptable during that. Argument Essay There are many rights I believe homosexuals should not have.

The King James Version of the bible says in Leviticus , "If a man also lies with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

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Baldwin wrote several essays and adoption dealing with homosexuals also others just because they are. Because I am a Christian, I am utterly against homosexuality. Although regional differences are not ethics, the morality of homosexuality issues are currently causing division and legalising gay marriage. As a result, they had novels that had a homosexual relationship with her mother. However, that is not the case all of the time. It was through this method Language and Composition 30 January the church into two different the same time present a years shows that equality for was highly unacceptable during that. There are still many people a "real" problem but most cannot fully understand what gay values can differ significantly from one aspect of his life. This essay argues posing foucauldian many forms from art & architecture ghostwriters service subtle of the claims by the opposing side stand on the of our country. Being that Target serves many reciprocity and the value of theme rooted within the story. Under the topic of sex backlash for this policy because rub me the wrong way.

Argumentative Essay On Homosexuality. Words4 Pages. Homosexuality was once considered sacred in ancient Rome, albeit being treated poorly since the. Argumentative Essay On Homosexuality. Words5 Pages. The issue of "homosexuality" seems to have divided the nation. While the matter is still under. Argumentative Essay About Homosexuality. Better Essays. Words; 4 Pages. Open Document. Essay SampleCheck Writing Quality.