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Easy way to grade essay rewrites essay of short story

Easy way to grade essay rewrites

Writing is a process.

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Easy way to grade essay rewrites Alejandra says: June 17, I like the idea of having them write a reflection. I actually teach in higher-ed — but many of the struggles with writing are the same as K unfortunately! Skim all assignments before you start grading If all is too many, then use a random but decently sized sample. I really love this tactic, especially as a creative writing student. My biggest class was 28 and smallest was
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Great concept — a little like Phaedrus, but better. We have two semesters with two quarters in each. I have been using a similar process to yours for several years and have really appreciated the difference it makes to student focus on their writing. One more step in the revision process that I find helpful is to ask students to include a brief one-paragraph reflection about how they made their writing stronger. This helps them think about the effectiveness of their changes and also helps me understand what their goals were for the revision.

Sometimes students are interested in working on a particular aspect of their writing, and it might not be what I was thinking needed the most work. What is the CSI format for writing as mentioned on the rubric? MLA guidelines are also mentioned-do you have a printout of these? Thanks, Heather Voss. Great question!

This is the general organizational structure we encourage them to use in essay paragraphs. It has structure but allows for experimenting as well. Hi Cory! I love this! I actually teach in higher-ed — but many of the struggles with writing are the same as K unfortunately! We have students do professional documentation; but grading and helping them learn to reason through the process is very frustrating.

I also have a colleague who does a huge evaluation assignment that she gives very thoughtful feedback on and feels it is a waste of time. Only a handful of students come discuss the feedback with her. I will tell her about this method. She will love it! Thanks so much for sharing this! Thank you! Definitely some sound pedagogical advice. So I try and structure my formative assessments in a way that really force the kids to understand the importance of the feedback I give them, in terms of preparing them for these summative assessments.

In addition, when they finish the piece, I can give them overall feedback, so they can use these to figure out where they would be in terms of meeting the standards, which are in the rubric. If the rubric is written well enough — and the kids have a strong understanding of what the key verbs in the rubric entail- then that should be enough for them to self-assess, and figure out where they can improve.

Sometimes you just have to lay it out there, LOL. I teach high school math. This past year I gave a partner project where students had to create a problem relating to a topic we were studying, and then offer a solution. I assigned the project in Classroom and students completed their work in Docs.

I also use the private comment section in Classroom to generate conversations with students, similar to your one-on-one conferences. The difference is, however, that my conversations are not just limited to the 50 minutes that students are sitting in my room each day. I want to see them grow from essay to essay, so this delayed grade and reflection helps kid to retain what they learned before their next essay. I want them to grow, and if that takes a few tries then so be it. Thanks for this post..

I like the idea of developing strategies for encouraging students to take on feedback. For drafts, I have gotten into the habit of recording screencasts as I read through their work. I find talking much faster than writing and you can also edit or markup the document as you go.

Quick upload and share via the cloud makes it quick and easy to get to students. I guess they see the importance of feedback during the task but not afterwards. Linking tasks to prior learning and skills may also help students to see the value of feedback…. Yes, Matt, I use Screencastify to give feedback too! Like you said, I feel like kids see the value during the process, but less so after the fact.

I like the idea of putting the grade in the video—that might be a good choice for some of our work. I too loved the results. I would email the class four simple questions that got them to reflect particularly on their writing, their use of sources, and most importantly what they had done differently in this assignment based upon the lessons they had learned from other assignments and from the feedback they had received earlier in the semester.

Using this approach was quite helpful in having them take ownership for all aspects of their work, and seeing their reflection before I even looked at the papers was informative and allowed me to hone in on skills that they had indicated they were working hard to sharpen. Thanks for sharing your process!

I like the idea of having them write a reflection. I have them reflect with some specific questions, but I think I want to make it more of a little writing assignment in itself. Do you think this can work for college students English major or Teaching English major in a non-US university? Once you hand in the rubric, the interest in the assignment is gone!

Alejandra, great question! The comment above yours from Amy Morsman sort of addresses this! She is a college teacher who uses a method similar to this, so I think, yes, it can work! I think the idea of reflection is SO important—maybe a reflection of all four essays could be their final writing? How did they grow over the course of the semester? I definitely think you should try it! I like this idea a lot.

Have you tried to use Kaizena? It allows students to upload an essay in Google Classroom or via Google Docs and then you can provide oral feedback directly on the essay. I could also provide more detailed feedback while speaking rather than just writing my comments. I love the fact that I can explain what I mean without it taking longer! At the college level, we have the same problem with students not reading the comments, even when they are seniors. So frustrating! Thanks for this! I teach 6th grade English.

No more zero grades because they will have to write something while with me one on one in conference. I think I will reconference with those kids after I conference with the rest. This will really give me insight into each student, and the WHY behind not turning in work. Stacey, I am so glad you enjoyed this and think it will help your 6th graders! I hope it does!! I added this note in a private comment in Google Classroom for each student.

Curious about the returns. Do not look for your scores first. Read my comments first. What grade do you teach? It boggled my mind, mostly because I was a UC Santa Cruz undergrad back when there were no grades to be had. We pored over the comments on our papers because that was the only feedback we got. Ugh, it is SO frustrating! I like what you did their make them read the comments until they are ready and revised.

As an elective teacher I make my students write papers in another language and they often do not ready the corrections or comments. I really love this tactic, especially as a creative writing student. A majority of my professors did the same thing, giving notes and then having conferences privately through the semester. I definitely want to implement this tactic in my future classroom.

Such a good idea for emphasizing the writing process over grades! My undergrad thesis advisor did something similar with us throughout the process, not for the final product , and it worked really well. Do you have any advice for keeping conferences short?

Hey Emily, it can be tough but I think if you give them very specific discussion points, it makes it easier. Also, I have conferences over the course of several days to give some leeway. Any ideas on how this will work with math. I am currently leaving a comment in the gradebook with an incomplete marked.

Hi LaDonna! Did you read through the comments? Feel free to shoot me an email [email protected] and we can discuss further! Raquel, I very much appreciate your comment about how your delayed-grading system requires students to check their own understanding throughout the unit.

My feedback-and-grades-decoupled system also has that effect, and I love how it works well on behalf of the durability of student learning. Every year, my students grouse at how much more work they do in my class compared to other teachers. I love this idea and had much success delaying grade delivery at my previous HE institution. It really did encourage students to focus on the feedback. It also had the surprise result of lowering grade complaints and requests for higher marks a common occurrence at that institution.

The feedback and marks must be delivered via Turnitin, which is given to the students exactly 3 weeks after submission, regardless of whether the marks are completed earlier. Last term I printed off the feedback without the marks and gave it to the students so that we could discuss it. Admin in HE are getting in the way of quality, evidence-based educational practices. Perhaps at some point, if a few people are interested in studying a practice, you could share this post or other research-based articles with admin, just to try to start the beginnings of a conversation.

One year I simply highlighted anything I had an issue with—whether it was a simple misspelling, a word choice, or a misused fact. Students were asked to review the papers and revise…with the caveat that they were supposed to determine why I had highlighted as many issues as possible. I also wrote positive comments in places that merited them.

Students had two weeks to conference with me and rework their papers before resubmitting. Only the resubmission received a grade. No resubmission, no grade. I tried this with some adjustment on a 7th grade science project. There are 30 students in this class Life Science. Each class is one hour long. The students were to complete a cell cycle poster as part of a group. There were 8 groups. After the projects were completed, each student filled out a peer evaluation on their group members.

I modified the rubric to fit our project. I then took a picture of each project and placed it in a Google Doc along with my feedback. This time I printed out the page, but in the future I will just share it to save resources. I gave each student their feedback and had them complete the reflection and self-evaluation. For revisions I provided each student with a cell cycle template. It was easier and cheaper this way instead of another poster. My take-away is that the same students who blow off other options for fixing papers or test blew this off.

Some reflections were not very in depth, BUT some were amazing. I had some students offer good counterarguments with evidence for my feedback. All students seemed to look forward to the conferences. The amazing thing is that our grades were all pretty close after the students reflected on their projects. I felt it was a good experience. The revisions helped most grades and allowed students to put individual ownership on the project. This is simply an excellent way to grade the essays.

I like the idea of leaving constructive comments and then revision time for student to get a better idea on how to correct their formative work. This is great. I teach math, and have for over 13 years now been using a system that decouples feedback and grades. It was inspired by a local friend at a different school fun punchline: having both transitioned away from our former institutions, we now teach at the same school! Thanks for writing this and for sharing the specifics of your practice within the context of writing.

I think the future belongs to distance education. And the pandemic showed us that you can do a lot of everything remotely — this saves time and can save our health. The most famous universities are planning to switch to distance learning after the quarantine measures. In addition, students are thus more engaged in self-education, which improves the quality of the material performed and their application of new knowledge.

Recently a colleague sent me the link to your blog. I was intrigued by and pleased to see the similarities and resonances! I work with moslty postgraduate students, and they have, of course been subject to many years in educations systems that have continually re-inforced that the grade is the only thing that really matters.

I hope it is of interest. Close Can't find what you are looking for? Wow, glad I put so much time into that assignment, said no teacher ever. The Fix for Ignored Feedback The solution was remarkably easy and accidentally originated out of my laziness score one for being a little lazy! When I first tried this with students, I put the following directions up on the board when I returned the essays: Read over your whole essay, including what you wrote and my comments.

Ask about comments, how to improve things, how to do things differently, etc. Use the rubric posted online to grade yourself. Be ready to discuss all of this. Stick around. Join our mailing list and get weekly tips, tools, and inspiration—in quick, bite-sized packages—all geared toward making your teaching more effective and fun. Come on in!!

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