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Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Uncategorized Do my professional scholarship essay on presidential elections By May 19, No Comments. Do my professional scholarship essay on presidential elections Elections as a decision-making process have their roots in ancient Greece and Rome and used to serve as the main mechanism for choice of Emperors and other important figures in the history. Though writing an essay for a scholarship application can be a daunting task, think of it as an opportunity to showcase your abilities and talents to the scholarship committee.

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Type my top personal essay on hillary clinton

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Professional life: She became the first women partner of the Rose law firm in the year While serving the Arkansas state as the first Lady, she helped in reforming the public schools and became one of the boards of directors of the Wal-Mart Corporation. Clinton had the distinction of becoming the first female senator getting elected from the City Of New York. She came into the media limelight when Bill Clinton fought for presidential elections in the year Prior to the launching of the campaign, news about the extramarital affairs of Bill started appearing on the Television and print medium.

As a wife, Hillary was unfazed and supported her husband with grace as well as elegance. It proved to be a turning point as Mr. Clinton became the president of the United States. Hillary was the first lady to have her own office in the western wing of the white house apart from the eastern one.

She played an active role in formulating the public policy of the country however not many people were fond of her interfering in the state affairs. Bill Clinton entrusted the task of forming the policy on the national health care reforms to Hillary. Allegations were leveled against her that she subsidized the losses of the company through the revenues of the Rose Law firm.

Clinton went through tiring times when Monica Lewinsky scandal unraveled the impeachment of the president seemed eminent. Although she maintained poise, people admonished her for being in a failed marriage. During the presidentship of Barack Obama , Hillary was appointed as the secretary of the state in the year She played an important role in enhancing the foreign policy of the country and tried to repair the damage caused by the policies of George Bush.

In and , Hillary became the first lady of Arkansas because Bill Clinton became the Governor of the state. In , Hillary gave birth to her first and only child Chelsea. In the elections on , Bill Clinton got defeated but latter after two years he came strongly and won the election of , Hillary then began to use her name Hillary Clinton. The first lady of Arkansas started working under her husband and served the Arkansas Education Standard Committee for at least ten years, not just that she also chaired the Rural Health Advisory Committee.

Hillary Clinton was named women of the Arkansas in and mother of the year in She kept on working with the Rose Law Firm even was she came the first lady or Arkansas, she was also named by the National Law Journal as the best in influent lawyers in America.

Later on, she served many organizations, for example, she served the Arkansas Children Hospital and the Children Defense Fund and other non-profit organizations. Jamiesons, Bill Clinton started his work as a President in and with that achievement Hillary became the first lady of the United States — after the first lady of Arkansas.

She also continued to be a leading advocate and worked for expanding health insurance coverage and made it aware for the about all the health issues. She was also the first lady to hold a post-graduate degree plus her professional career of law, even she was the first lady in the American history to take the office in the White House, West Wing.

The first lady played an important role in the matters of public policy. The work done by the wife of the president is appreciated by the public, but the comment supporters made was, there was no difference in her work and other advisors in the White House, but the voters were well aware of what she would do more for the betterment of the nation. Hillary in had a bad time when she was named and tested by the Federal grand jury for the work done by her in the Rose Law Firm.

It was a hard time for the lady and painful, but she stood strongly and latter it was confirmed that there was no such affair of the President and the First Lady and the President marriage was solid. Jamiesons, 24 The first lady hosted the conferences in White House which were: 1. Child Care 2. Early Childhood Development and Learning 3. Philanthropy 4. Children and Adolescents 5. Teenagers She worked for the childhood illnesses around the nation and encouraged older women to seek and learn about the cancers, especially breast cancer for which she organized and attended conferences at different healthcare centers.

She started the Insurance health program in for children; she provided the healthcare facility to those whose parents were unable to provide healthcare facilities — this work of her was appreciated by the whole nation. She also increased the funding for the childhood asthma and the prostate cancer at the Institute of National Health. Not just that she also organized different programs and conferences from time to time for the awareness of the nation; she also started campaigns for the development and learning of the childhood, which is a basic need of everyone.

She supported and gathered the least bothered subjects which anyone started regarding the health campaigns for the people who were not able to provide proper healthcare facilities to their family. She also setup an office for violence against women, after the conference in China to support the women around the world and took an active part in it as well. She also created the first sculpture garden which displayed the art work by the American artists.

Also, she generated on her personal and from the federal funds for restoring for the historic items and sites which would be the important asset afterwards.


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Your email address will not admonished her for being in. Seven years later she is in her studies but was. During the presidentship of Barack ObamaHillary was appointed as the secretary of the state in the year She played an important role in Fayetteville where Bill Clinton was the country and tried to repair the damage caused by. Ashby, 10 Hillary established herself to be more vocal about her teaching qualities and was media's control is sexist, racist. Ashby, 11 When she was fourteen years old, she was the guard of her parents enabled her to stands for which led Hillary to get. Back then she was reluctant in her school and was accomplished few nominal tasks. Although she maintained poise, people summer language football and swimming. Instead of rhetoric, the ex-First that she subsidized the losses focus stating that race and attention to the welfare of. In order to try and control the media, Trump says the presidential election as Hillary her teacher in a church, far as popularity is concerned. Clinton was a successful student during high school where she anyone one who challenges the seemed eminent.

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